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Mark Rogo

The Sizzling Market Defined with the Numbers

A lot of you have asked me to clarify the hysterics in the media talking about this sizzling market, but in statistical terms so you can translate hysterical English into quantifiable numbers. Good suggestion. Adjectives can be ambiguous but n...

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Westside Real Estate-What is going on?

Dear Friends and Neighbors, What is going on? Last year, 33 properties on the westside were sold for $20M or more. So far this year, 31 have closed escrow and we have six months to go! In the $10M and higher properties, 160 closed escr...

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Unit 1008

The Benefits of Staging

One of the interesting things about this current real estate economy are the creative ways agents are able to bust their listings through the edge of the envelope. Even though prices continue to rise, buyers are not stupid, and properties that...

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My Perspective for May

My Friends, Real estate continues to march forward, as we all expected. Our weekly office meeting today included over 60 of the 208 agents, and had a review of the current state of the market from our Sr. Vice-President Beth Styne. Listings...

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It’s an Election Year…

My Friends, It’s an election year, a time when most Americans are concerned about the direction of the country and prefer to put off major decisions until after the election, such as buying or selling a home. It is in our nature to protect...

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A Banner Year

This past year was another banner year for real estate, the agents and the investors. While most of the country wallowed in indecision, there was no such animal around when it came to west side real estate. Beverly Hills to the ocean once agai...

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Looking to 2016

It’s that time of year for reflection and to count our blessings. Best of all, it’s the perfect time to look forward with optimism to 2016, a year promising all of the normal entertainment associated with a presidential campaign year. Ou...

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Happy Holidays

Investments and Assets

Real estate as both an investment and a personal asset continues to be very attractive. However, some of the economic data flowing in from Washington indicate this window is closing. For example, renters nationwide are paying a higher percen...

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